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Subject:Maia's Christmas Drabble!
Time:02:03 am
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To: Maia
From: Miranda

Well, I thought it would be R/S angst, but... it's not. XD I suppose I like it... not bad for my first HP fic...

Merry Christmas!

Christmas. Fifth year. And a lovely Christmas it was. Sirius, Remus, James, and Peter had come up with Christmas gifts for their peers. Sirius and James were the masterminds of most of those "gifts", and each one was loaded with a different prank, from Nose-Biting Teacups to Fanged Frisbees, Hiccup Sweets, and Belch Powder.

"Wait, wait," Sirius said. "My friends, Moony and me have saved the best for last. It's Christmas, right?"

"Sure it is," said Peter.

"What mischief do you have in mind, Padfoot? And without telling me?" said James.

"Well, since it is Christmas, and everyone deserves a gift... we--or really I--thought we'd give one to our dear friend Snivellus." Sirius showed James a box wrapped in green paper and decked with a bright red bow.

"I wrapped it for him," Remus said. "Sirius is horrible at wrapping."

"Yeah, but that's about all you did," Sirius muttered. "Leaving me to pick out Snivellus' present... honestly, Moony..."

"But what'd you get him?" James asked impatiently, before Remus and Sirius could start playfully teasing each other.

"Patience, Prongs. Patience. You'll see it soon enough." Sirius paused and added, grinning, "In fact, I'm sure you'll smell it soon enough."

When Snape came by, the Marauders accosted him, with Sirius leading. "Ah, good to see you, Snivellus," Sirius said cheerfully. Snape opened his mouth to say something, but Sirius cut him off. "Don't worry, we won't taunt you today."

"It's Christmas, so we've decided to share the holiday spirit," Remus said.

"We're being completely honest," Sirius said.

"I'm sure you are," said Snape, rolling his eyes. "Now if you'll get out of my way, Gryff-"

He attempted to walk through them, but Sirius stopped him. "Now, come on, Snivellus. It's Christmas! You know as well as any of us that this is probably the only time of year we'll be nice to you." Sirius took the gift and shoved it into Snape's arms. "Happy Christmas!"

The Marauders quickly retreated and watched Snape from a distance. Snape eyed the package suspiciously, but seeing that it was not exploding or howling or anything, he decided it was safe to open it.

It was a dungbomb.

The smell filled the corridor. Snape stood rooted to his spot, mouth ajar. It took him a little while to regain his senses, but at last he managed to glare at Sirius.

The Marauders were laughing. Hard.

"What's the matter, Snivellus?" James yelled. "I say you smell better than you did before!"

Snape cursed at him and pulled out his wand.

James was faster. "Being stupid again, Snivelly? What a pity! Expelliarmus!"

Snape was immediately disarmed, but before he could try to fetch his wand again, James cried, "Incarcerous!"

Thick ropes appeared from thin air and wrapped themselves around Snape.

"Well, Snivellus, Happy Christmas indeed!" said James, laughing.


Later that day, after romping around for a couple hours in the snow and torturing the first and second-years with their merciless bombardments of snowballs, the Marauders were gathered in the Gryffindor common room, sitting by the fireplace and eating sweets and drinking Butterbeer they had smuggled out of Hogsmeade. Sirius was sprawled lazily in one of the fluffy red armchairs. James scratched Lily Evans' name into the floorboards with his quill. Peter was trying to play a game of Exploding Snap with himself, but he wasn't really paying attention because he glanced at James and Sirius from time to time. Remus was sitting near Sirius, reading a book about lycanthropy.

"Bit self-centered, reading a book about yourself, eh, Moony?" Sirius said, yawning.

"Not if I'm trying to learn about myself, my dear Padfoot," Remus replied, bringing the book closer to his face.

There was a long silence. James made a mistake while trying to embellish the E in Evans and furiously scratched the entire thing.

"You have to admit, that prank on Snivellus was really something, wasn't it, mate?" Sirius said, relaxing even more and grinning.

"Couldn't have done a better job myself," said James. "But the Incarcerous spell added a nice bit of charm to it, you've got to admit--"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever you say, mate. What did you think, Moony? Am I a genius or what?" Sirius asked, sitting up and looking at Remus.

"Mm..." Remus said absently, not looking up from his book.

"Say it. You know I'm a genius."






"Say it!"

Remus rolled his eyes. "You are a genius."

Remus tried to return to reading, but the sound of small bells jingling above his head distracted him. "What the--?" He turned, and saw James standing on the arm of Sirius' chair, holding some plastic mistletoe high above Remus and Sirius' heads.

"James, you wanker, what're you doing?" Sirius said, trying to swat at James with one hand.

"Come on, you two. See what's above your heads? Mistletoe. And you know what that means..." James said, dangling the mistletoe even lower.

Remus looked at James, then looked at Sirius, whose grey eyes seemed to be glowing, and then looked back at James. "I wouldn't kiss Sirius for a thousand Galleons." He chuckled. It was one of his rare, soft chuckles that Sirius always enjoyed hearing.

"Well, why not?" asked Sirius.

"You're very conceited," said Remus. "And yet... at the same time... irresistibly adorable..."

Sirius smiled and inched closer to Remus. "Moony..."


"My Moony..."

Closer... closer...

The kiss came so quickly that it surprised Remus. It started off sloppily, with the same thought running through both their minds...

It's just mistletoe... one quick peck and it'll be over... But after that came another. And another. Until they both forgot the world around them, ignoring James' snickering, ignoring Peter's wide-eyed stare...

It's just me and Moony. That's all that matters right now...

Oh, Sirius... I wish we had done this sooner...

"You two make a perfect couple," James laughed, bringing Remus and Sirius back into reality. "Isn't this a happy Christmas!"

Sirius pushed him off the chair. "Oh, shut it and go to hell, you bastard."
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Maia's Christmas Drabble! - Cheap Presents
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